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Sophora japonica

Sophora japonica 'Fleright'
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Oval Första storlek högre än 12 meter Halvöppen krona
Höjd: 12 - 15 m
Krona: oval to ovoid
Bark och grenar: greyish brown, grooved, branches green with light lenticels
Löv: compound, 7 - 17 leaf segments, dark green, approx. 25 cm
Blommor: creamy white in plumes, July/September (October)
Frukter: grey pod, indented, approx. 8 cm long
Användning: street and avenue tree
Marktyp: any/corr.all apart from wet, peaty soil
Vindbeständighet: moderate
Ursprung: Princeton Nurseries, New Jersey, USA, 1985
Vinterhärdighetszon: 6a
Synonym: S. japonica ‘Princeton Upright’

This straight American selection forms a compact oval to ovoid crown and grows to a height of 12 to 15 m. The twigs and branches are remarkably green and bear many light-coloured lenticels. When broken they give off an unpleasant odour. The compound leaves are imparipinnate and approx. 25 cm long; the leaf segments are each 2 - 6 cm long and ovoid to elliptical. In the autumn the leaves turn yellow. The creamy white to creamy yellow flowers are approx. 1.5 cm in size and grow on terminal plumes that can grow to about 30 cm long. This cultivar blooms at a younger age than the species does. The plentiful nectar makes the tree popular among bees. The grey pods are indented between seeds and appear in the autumn. 'Fleright' is not very prone to diseases or problems. Sophora tolerates dry conditions well.

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