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22-02-2016Castle has his tree back
Castle has his tree back Castle has his tree back

Source: Eindhoven Dagblad, Author: Jelle Krekels

"It's quite an operation," sighs castle managerr Paul Thijssen while he keeps an eye on the tilted tree. A spring storm in March last year ended the 110-year-old chestnut which provided the second courtyard of the castle of shadow. Shame, because the tree was the scene of many weddings and celebrations.

At Castle Heeze they all quick agreed to a replacement tree, but hereby the job was not done yet. " “There were many meetings necessary and experts have repeatedly come to see and measure”, says Thijssen. "Actually, we needed a heavier crane, but it did not fit through the castle gates."

Finally, it took the experts about six hours to do the costly job. For a moment, it seemed that the twenty year old chestnut would fall on the roof of the monumental castle. But the ooh's and aah's from the onlooking crowd, did not disconcert the workmen. 

With heavy equipment from Van den Berk Nurseries and gardener Willemse they get the eight-ton and fifteen-meter high chestnut tree finally in place.

03-11-2015Elmia Park
Elmia Park

Have you seen us at Elmia Park?
We were there with our partner Essunga Plantskola.
Johan van den Berk presented our new Tree Book. Landskap made the picture.

A good fair. Hope to seen you next year (again).

28-07-2015Young Professionals Competition IFLA Europe
Young Professionals Competition IFLA Europe
IFLA Europe focuses on increasing awareness of the broad meaning which landscape and landscape architecture has on society. It does this at a European level and is the umbrella organization of all national unions.

Last June IFLA Europe announces the launch of its Young Professionals Competition on the theme „Use of trees and vegetation in the design and construction of resilient urban areas”. The deadline for submitting contributions is 1st September 2015. The results will be announced in September 2015.

More information about this competition:
09-02-2015Van den Berk 75 år
Van den Berk 75 år Van den Berk 75 år Van den Berk 75 år

I år har vårt företag funnits i 75 år. Det är vi mycket stolta över för vi är ett välmående familjeföretag som har vuxit och utvecklats under årens lopp. Med ungefär 500 hektar mark, mer än 100 kunniga medarbetare och ett sortiment bestående av 1 750 arter och sorter har vi utvecklats till en av de viktigaste plantskolorna i Europa inom denna sektorn. Genom att vi har fortsatt att investera i plantmaterial, teknisk innovation, yrkeskunskap och marknadsföring under de senaste åren ser vi, trots en svår marknadssituation i stora delar av Europa, med förväntan fram emot kommande år.

Go to the english website for more information >>

09-02-2015Ny trädbok
Ny trädbok

Vi är stolta över att meddela att vi startar detta jubileumsår med lanseringen av den andra utgåvan av vår bok "Van den Berk on Trees". Den första utgåvan av boken kom ut 2002 och blev direkt en framgång. Den används fortfarande av trädgårdsarkitekter som ett viktigt uppslagsverk.
Den nya utgåvan beskriver 1 101 träd som förekommer i Europa. Boken, som återigen kommer ut på nederländska, engelska, tyska och franska, har utökats med 383 nya arter och sorter och varje beskrivning är försedd med en vacker bild. Den innehåller också riktlinjer för hur man anlägger en trädplantering och för hur man lossar och planterar stora träd.
Till och med 31 mars kan du beställa den andra utgåvan via vår webbshop för jubileumspriset € 75. Därefter är priset € 95.

22-09-2014Van den Berk on Trees
Van den Berk on Trees

From January 2015 available: 'Van den Berk on Trees' 2nd edition.
Fully revised edition: more species and cultivars, more photos.  

Send an email to (name + e-mail) and book your copy for the anniversary price of €75,00 instead of €95,00. We will notify you as soon as the book is available. 

19-07-2012Van den Berk nursery at Chelsea Flower Show
Van den Berk nursery at Chelsea Flower Show

The Chelsea Flower Show is the most important garden exhibition of the world. Van den Berk nurseries are very pleased to have delivered trees for The Laurent-Perrier Bicentenary Garden. 30 screen shaped Fagus sylvatica Atropunicea (girth 30-35 cm) and 1 Pyrus communis Charneux (girth 100-120 cm) are planted in the garden of the award-winning designer Arne Maynard. All elements of the garden have been carefully handcrafted and are complemented by a soft planting scheme. Inspired by Laurent-Perrier’s 200 year heritage of time-honoured methods and reputation for creating pioneering champagnes, the garden pays exacting attention to detail, combining traditional and contemporary elements to exude elegance through its planting and landscaping.

See how the garden is built in the 'start-to-finish' photo gallery

Image from Britt Willoughby-Dyer

24-01-2012New Rhododendron Site with database
New Rhododendron Site with database

Last Monday Van den Berk Rhododendron GmbH introduced its new website.
The site is the sequel to the Van den Berk Tree site that was launched January last year. Just like the Tree site, the Rhododendron site has a database, with all information about 162 species of large blooming hybrids, yakushimanum hybrids and azalea hybrids. Within this range one can search not only by features as type of rhododendron, flowering time and flowering colour, but also by scented flowers and winter hardiness.
All species have a short description made by dendrologist Ronald Houtman together with the rhododendron experts from the nursery. Most species have several pictures too and more pictures will be added during the year.
Furthermore the website supplies practical information such as planting advices and one can download the flowering calendar.
The site is expected to become a source of information for clients, designers and students, as the tree site already has proven to be.

05-09-201125th anniversary Jan van Vechel
25th anniversary Jan van Vechel

Many of our clients know Jan van Vechel very well. It is hard not to have met him, because this year Jan will be celebrating 25 years at Van den Berk. Jan started working ‘in the field’, and has been responsible for the British, Irish and Belgian markets for quite a number of years now. Jan has acquired a wealth of experience and knowledge of trees over these past 25 years. Combined with his positive outlook, this makes him a great person to talk to for our clients and a highly valued colleague. Jan, congratulations! We have several similar anniversaries in our diary, because we at Van den Berk Nurseries are lucky to have many more passionate tree specialists in our midst.

19-07-2011Plane trees for Garden Festival Chaumont (F)
Plane trees for Garden Festival Chaumont (F)

This summer the 20th staging of the International Garden Festival Chaumont-sur-Loire will take place in the central area of France. The festival has been providing a unique panorama of landscape design all over the world since 1992. In 20 seasons, almost 500 gardens have been designed, which are prototypes of the gardens of the future. Also this year, garden designers have sent in their ideas and 30 of the designs were selected. Earlier this year the selected garden designs were constructed and together they form a fine collection of festival gardens. Visitors can admire the results in the beautiful setting of the castle of Chaumont-sur-Loire.
One of the winning designs was from the young designers of PIT Garden and Landscape Architects from Holland. They were looking for partners to realize their ideas and found Van den Berk Nurseries prepared to sponsor the trees. We delivered the 7 iconic roof shape plane trees.  For more information look at;
Awarded garden of PIT
International Garden Festival

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